Executive Summary

The Donors Choose Factbook is a web tool that visually summarizes data from Donors Choose.

The site was created as part of the Hacking Education contest.

How to Use the Factbook

  1. Choose a location: You can view data visualizations at 6 levels: national, state, county, city, district, and school.
  2. Choose a report: You can use the Dashboard page to see a quick overview of subject areas, or select a specific report in the Projects, Donations, or Resources areas.
  3. Choose a date range: You can easily change the Start Date and End Date on any report page to see how data changes over time.

How the Factbook was Built

The site was built using ASP.NET, SQL Server, jQuery, Highcharts, & Google Chart Tools.


The Donors Choose Factbook was built by Jeremy Kratz.